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A New Chapter at The Family: Our Revamped Oasis Awaits

Last weekend, we turned a new page in the storybook of The Family. As Labour Weekend unfolded, the heart warming sight of our community coming together was nothing short of spectacular. We had the privilege of welcoming hundreds, including many first-time visitors, to our renovated haven. With the sizzle and scent of nearly 200 pizzas wafting through the air, the atmosphere was palpable, and the camaraderie unmissable. It was an affirmation of the love and support we cherish from all of you.

Safety First: Kid-Friendly Upgrades

One of our most significant undertakings in the recent renovation was revamping the playground. As parents and guardians, we know the significance of a safe play zone. The delight was evident as the young ones kicked balls around the pen and clambered up and down the playground. What’s more, our revamped parking design pushes vehicles further away, ensuring that the kiddos can play to their heart’s content, safely ensconced while still within your watchful gaze, albeit a relaxed one.

Expanding Horizons: More Room, More Memories

For those who cherish the outdoor dining experience, there’s good news. Our new extended outdoor area promises more room under the sun and stars. This layout isn’t just about more tables—it’s about possibilities. Think larger events, community gatherings, and unforgettable nights. Speaking of which, mark your calendars for an electrifying evening with the Smashing Bumpkins from Australia on November 11th.

A Culinary Journey: Old Favourites and New Delights

Our menu has always been a blend of tradition and innovation. While we’re holding tight to the beloved dishes that have become Family classics, this season ushers in tantalising new pizza flavours. And for those with a appetite for discovery, we’ve added a new menu items items that are sure to become family favourites.

But, what’s food without a good brew or brews? Our coffee shack, now more inviting than ever, has flung its doors open 7-days a week. And for the nocturnal Kiwi’s, or those looking for a cosy evening rendezvous, we’ve got late-night coffee sessions running till 8 pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Join Us on This Adventure

If you haven’t experienced The Family’s new vibe yet, let this be your invitation. Whether it’s a dinner date, a daytime retreat, or a late-night coffee escapade, we’re here, ready and eager to serve and celebrate with you. So, come on over, and let’s make more memories together!