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The Family

A Haven in Whenuakite: The Story Behind ‘The Family’

In the heart of Whenuakite, The Coromandel, ‘The Family’ tells a story of an unexpected journey and a new beginning. Andy and Deborah Horton, along with their nine children, are always up for an adventure.  So when David and Ruth Watson (Deb’s parents) showed them the Seabreeze Holiday Park For Sale ad, they all thought why not take a look! While The Coromandel might not have been any of their initial dream destination, upon discovering the property that is now ‘The Family’, they felt a strong calling to make it their own. In 2022, the Hortons and Watsons decided to take a leap of faith and establish their lives here together.

Andy, Deborah, and their brood didn’t just want to create a space; they aimed to forge a community, a haven where families could unite, share stories, and build memories. Their vision for ‘The Family’ was clear: to cultivate an ultimate family-friendly hub, weaving together the threads of authentic Kiwi hospitality, sustainable practices, and local business dedication. Their mission? To transform fleeting visits into lasting impressions, making ‘The Family’ not just a stopover but a destination.

From the aroma-filled corners of their iconic restaurant and the welcoming ambiance of the cafe to the crafted brews of the Hot Water Brewing Company, ‘The Family’ offers a myriad of curated experiences. The Seabreeze Holiday Park, a part of this ensemble, promises a serene escape, with comfort and nature intertwining seamlessly.

Driven by passion, fortified by family, and dedicated to their community, the Hortons have breathed life into a space that echoes their journey, values, and dreams.

The Family Restaurant in Whitianga

The Family Experiences

Restaurant & Cafe

The Family Restaurant and Cafe offer a varied menu inspired by local ingredients. Visitors can enjoy a range of dishes, from wood-fired pizzas to nourishing bowls. Our cafe proudly serves Atomic Coffee, known for its robust and deep flavours. We welcome you to come enjoy a hearty dinner or a casual coffee.


The Family boasts a well-maintained playground and park where children can safely explore and play. Parents can relax, knowing their kids are in a safe environment, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime and conversation. Additionally, we’re excited to be developing a new pump track and half pipe, inviting biking enthusiasts to experience the thrill on our grounds.


From serene cottages to vibrant campsites, The Family offers a broad spectrum of accommodations tailored for every traveler. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a bustling family, a group of friends, or an avid camper, our lodgings ensure a perfect fit. Experience a home away from home, with easy access to the entire Coromandel region.


The Family serves as a venue for a variety of community events. We offer facilities for special occasions, including weddings and corporate functions, ensuring locals and visitors alike have a space to gather and celebrate. We also regularly host our own events so check our events page to see what’s coming up soon!

The Family Tree

We’re in the process of establishing the Farm Shop, a dedicated space aimed at celebrating and promoting local art and produce. Once open, it will provide a curated selection of organic food, handcrafted items, and souvenirs, connecting both locals and tourists to the essence of the region. Our aim is to offer a showcase for the talent and dedication of our community’s artisans and growers.


The Family has become a central hub for the local community. Every Wednesday, we’re the chosen venue for the homeschooling community and we’re also hosting connect nights were people can gather, learn and grow. We’re dedicated to supporting local initiatives and are open to collaborations that benefit the community.

You’re Always Welcome At The Family

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  • 1043 Tairua Whitianga Rd
    Whenuakite, The Coromandel