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So why are we called The Family? The tale behind our name and vision

So, you may have heard of us, we’re called The Family. You may have heard about our restaurant’s famed wood-fired pizza or about our tasty craft beers. You may have stayed with us at the Seabreeze Holiday Park, but what you may not know is why we’re called The Family. Keep reading because it’s probably not why you think!

For us, our name encapsulates a vision and ethos that’s close to our heart. When you hear the name The Family, it’s not about our own family unit, though we are indeed a sizable bunch. No, the name paints a broader, richer story that’s really the core of why we do what we do.

Imagine that feeling, after a long journey or even just a regular day at work or school, where you cross the threshold into your home. It’s in that very moment that the world outside seems to fade. The weight of daily stresses falls away, replaced by an overwhelming sense of calm. For those with kids, we will forgive you if you can’t quite imagine what that’s like. In a perfect world, home is where you can unplug, unwind, and simply be. It’s where laughter fills the air, where meaningful conversations take place, and where the embrace of loved ones surrounds you. It’s that feeling of peace, contentment, and love that we wanted to encapsulate and share through The Family. Our goal has always been to create an atmosphere laden with genuine care, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging.

Creating a “Family” Atmosphere at The Family

We never wanted to be just another business – we’ve always envisioned a place that feels like a second home to everyone who walks through our doors. Right from the moment we began, we wanted to cultivate an environment that radiated warmth and acceptance. Much like stepping into a loved one’s home, we desired for every guest to feel an immediate sense of belonging.

This doesn’t happen by accident; in fact, we’ve been very intentional in crafting The Family experience.

We’ve put thought and planning into designing spaces that invite conversation and banter. We’ve also tried to create a menu that is more about good honest food and home-cooked goodness, rather than resembling a fine dining, black tie event. We place emphasis on forming genuine connections, ensuring every interaction goes beyond mere transactional exchanges, fostering a sense of community and continuity. Our dedicated efforts in curating special events and initiatives, like supporting the local home schooling community, further deepen our ties to the wider Coromandel region. It’s all these intricacies, both big and small, that meld together, creating an ambiance where guests don’t just visit – they belong.

At The Family, every interaction is about building relationships. It’s not merely about a business transaction. It’s about getting to know you, sharing stories, and creating lasting memories. We value the time you spend with us, which is why we encourage our guests to settle in, perhaps with a deck of cards, and make an afternoon or evening of it.

How have we crafted The Family experience?

Humans, by nature, are drawn to beauty and order. There’s an innate pleasure in entering a space that’s not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. A well-crafted environment sings to our senses! It elevates our mood, invites us to relax, and provides a sanctuary from the chaos of the outside world. On the contrary, an untidy or poorly maintained space not only diminishes our experience but can leave us feeling agitated and uneasy. If an environment screams of neglect, or elements seem out of place, it creates a sense of unease. We firmly believe that every detail, no matter how minute, plays a part in the grand symphony of a guest’s experience.

In our journey with The Family, we often paused and looked around the broader landscape of the hospitality industry. To our dismay, we frequently encountered businesses that seemed content with mediocrity, willing to deliver an experience that was just good enough, rather than exceptional. This observation wasn’t a source of arrogance for us, but rather a driving force.

Over the past year, this philosophy has guided us through a series of ambitious projects aimed at giving our facilities a much-needed facelift. You can read about our recent rennovations here. Guests who have visited us recently have expressed their amazement at the transformation. But for us, it’s not about accolades. It’s about the commitment to doing things the right way, creating a setting that not only feels right but also brings joy to all who step through our doors. To us, this is all part of creating The Family experience, and it’s a continual journey of improvement and refinement as we strive to ensure The Family isn’t just another place to visit, but a memorable experience for all.

So, why The Family? Because once you’ve been here, you’re not just a guest. You’re part of our community. You’re part of The Family.