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The Restaurant at The Family Set to Reopen with a Refreshed Look and Menu

Springtime has finally arrived here in the Coromandel, and we’re filled with excitement as we prepare to reopen the restaurant at The Family this coming Labour Weekend (20th October)! Last year marked our first foray into the hospitality world. We plunged headfirst into this challenging yet incredibly fulfilling industry, learning everything from licensing to logistics.

When we acquired this lovely property last year, it already hosted a restaurant, but we envisioned something truly our own. We revamped every nook and cranny, starting from the coffee shack to the indoor environment. But our most ambitious project was redesigning the menu to reflect our culinary philosophy.

The Tale of our Pizza Oven: A Labour of Love

Embarking on the mission to build a wood-fired pizza oven for The Family (Restaurant) was like setting sail on uncharted waters. We began with an idealistic vision: an authentic, wood-fired pizza oven that would be the heart and soul of our establishment. It would be a place not just to bake pizzas, but to bring people together, allowing our guests to witness the mesmerising process of pizza-making. Little did we realise the mammoth task we were undertaking.

The Family staff cooking wood fired pizza in oven

Our first hurdle was sourcing the perfect bricks that could withstand high temperatures. After numerous consultations and surfing through countless blueprints, we settled on a unique double-chimney design. We were confident; the suppliers had plans, and it seemed like a straightforward build. Yet, as we delved into the construction, we encountered challenges we hadn’t anticipated. For instance, the internal air circulation wasn’t functioning as expected, causing the oven to heat unevenly. Even the bricks, our foundational elements, proved tricky to suspend in thin air, leading us into a labyrinth of engineering complexities.

Through trial and error, sweat, and some ingenuity, we crafted a mould to hold the bricks and perfected the airflow. Once we finally cracked the code on how to perfectly suspend those bricks and regulate the heat, we faced yet another dilemma – how to construct a base strong enough to bear the weight of a 2.5-tonne oven? After overcoming logistical hurdles and installing the capstone, the moment of truth arrived. We held our breath as we fired up the oven for the first time.

Today, our wood-fired pizza oven is more than an appliance; it’s the soul of The Family (Restaurant). It’s where the magic happens, where food and community come together in a celebration of life’s simple pleasures—great pizza!

What’s on The Family menu?

At The Family (Restaurant), we’ve worked hard to create a menu that appeals to every palate, from the heartiest eater to the most health-conscious guest. Our authentic wood-fired pizzas are the star attraction. Cooked to perfection in our carefully crafted oven, each pizza offers a beautiful charred base, with melted cheese and topped with the freshest ingredients.

If you’re in the mood for something a bit different, our sliders are a must-try. We offer a set of three mini burgers accompanied by a light salad and a side of fries. It’s a mouth-watering experience that’s both fun and filling.

Health-conscious guests will relish our Nourish bowls. We have a quinoa bowl loaded with seasonal roast veggies for our gluten-free patrons. Our Mediterranean bowl features couscous with grilled capsicum, feta, tomatoes, cucumber, and roast beetroot, all sitting atop a bed of fresh lettuce.


Then we have our dumplings (another favourite from last year’s menu), and a number of other staple items which we know you’ll enjoy! We’re continually working on expanding our menu to offer something for everyone. From new pizza flavours to additional healthy options, you can always expect a satisfying dining experience at The Family.

Join us this Labour Day Weekend for the reopening of The Family Restaurant

We’re opening our doors initially from Friday to Monday, with the goal of going seven days a week during the Christmas holiday season. Our café will also soon be open every day, offering a cosy haven for residents and tourists alike, where they can savour a hot drink while their kids play safely nearby.

The Family is about more than just food; we’re fostering a community. Our heartfelt mission is to offer a space that embodies our family values and brings people together. So, as the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, mark your calendar for October 20th. Come and experience the lovingly crafted food, flavours, and atmosphere that have become the essence of The Family. Your place at our table is waiting!