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Springtime Renovations at The Family: Creating a Safe Community Connection Point for Kids and Families

As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, we’re buzzing with excitement at The Family! Why, you ask? We’re going through a renovation of our grounds to prepare for the upcoming summer. Our vision is to transform The Family into a vibrant hub where parents, children, and community members can relax, connect, and enjoy an array of activities. Let’s dive into the details.

The Outdoor Extension for the Restaurant at The Family

First on our list was to rearrange and maximise the use of our available space. By reorganising parts of our car park, we’ve managed to extend our café and restaurant’s outdoor area. Don’t worry, drivers; we’ve also efficiently reconfigured the remaining space to actually gain parking spots. It’s the best of both worlds!

The newly extended area isn’t just about adding tables and chairs. We’re transforming it into a sanctuary where parents can unwind with a cup of coffee or a meal while easily keeping an eye on their children. Safety remains our top priority; rest assured, your little ones will be in a secure environment as they explore the new grounds.

To enhance the atmosphere, we are adding thoughtful plantings around the area so you can enjoy sipping on your morning latte, surrounded by blooming flowers and the comforting shade of trees. Perfect, isn’t it?

A Playground for Kids of All Ages

One of the highlights of our renovation is the redesign of our grounds to prioritize child safety. By relocating parts of our car park, we’ve strategically distanced the playground from vehicle traffic. This thoughtful layout ensures that children can access and play in the playground without the risks associated with nearby cars. For parents, this means you can relish your time socialising, knowing that your children are playing in a safer, more secure environment.

We’re also thrilled to announce the nearly completed pump track, designed with the expertise of Paul, an international dirt biking champion. This project is near and dear to us, with our own family athlete Jonny Thunder able to use it to hone his own biking skills!

Paul Langlands, who has helped organise several Dirt Jump National events, is enthusiastic about running holiday programs and offering dirt bike coaching right here at The Family. For the daring, we’re also planning to introduce a 9×6 metre half-pipe ramp with a massive airbag. This is not just any ramp; you can start from the roof, zoom down, perform a backflip, and land safely on an airbag. We’ve had some great fun trying this one out ourselves!

Our Ultimate Vision for The Family

At the end of the day, our aim is simple: to offer a space where kids and families can connect in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Whether it’s engaging in an adrenaline-pumping activity or simply enjoying a peaceful moment in our café, we want The Family to be your go-to place this summer and beyond.

So mark October your calendars, as we look forward to unveiling these fantastic updates very soon, along with the reopening of the Family Restaurant. Join us at The Family this summer and make lasting memories, enjoy some sunshine, laughter, and a community brought closer together!