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Wednesday’s at The Family – A gathering for home schoolers in The Coromandel

Welcome to the first blog post on our newly launched website for “The Family”! Nestled in the heart of Coromandel, New Zealand, we offer a range of experiences through our restaurant, cafe, holiday park, brewery, and local shop. But it’s not just about business for us; it’s about community. Today we’ll talk about an initiative close to our hearts, our weekly gathering of local home schooling families. We’ll explore how this initiative started, what happens during these gatherings, and why it means so much to us and the wider Coromandel community.

A Typical Homeschooling Wednesday

Our weekly home schooling initiative began only about six months ago, in early 2023. The home schooling community in Coromandel is composed of families from diverse backgrounds. By offering our property as a meeting point, we aim to create a sense of unity among these families and provide resources and support, especially for parents new to home schooling.

On a regular Wednesday morning, you’ll find around 40 kids and 8 to 10 mums making the most of our facilities. The demographics are diverse, ranging from teenagers down to mothers holding infants. The activities are just as varied:

  • Physical Activities: Our in-house gym becomes a hub for organised exercise like CrossFit for the teenagers.
  • Craft and Art: Younger children usually engage in craft activities and drawing.
  • Tutoring: There’s often tutoring in English or other subjects for different age groups. We’re really lucky to have Michael Ewing from Good Tutors to come out and provide tutoring support.
  • Community Interaction: There’s an intentional effort to blend ages and skills to provide a more holistic upbringing for the children.

What sets our homeschooling Wednesdays apart is the unique, hands-on learning opportunities that we provide. Andy has future plans for activities like timbercraft workshops and metalwork projects, in addition to leveraging technology like 3D printing for educational purposes.

A Platform for Community Growth that’s Open to All

The homeschooling initiative at “The Family” is more than just a space; it’s a platform for community growth. The initiative is open to all families. Whether you’re already homeschooling or contemplating it, whether you’re a resident or just visiting Coromandel, you’re welcome to join us. Our aim is to provide a welcoming and adaptable space for everyone.

What started as an opportunity for connection has now turned into an intentional, multi-faceted learning and community-building platform. In a time when formal education is going through its own challenges, we offer an alternative space for families to grow, learn, and connect.

So next time you find yourself in Coromandel on a Wednesday, whether you’re a local or a visitor, consider dropping by “The Family.” Come for the coffee, stay for the community.

If you’re interested in more stories about what’s happening at “The Family” and in the Coromandel area, stay tuned for more blog posts!